The Internet of Things Podcast presented by Fybr - Season 2

Hear from industry leaders, innovators, and businesses that are at the heart of the internet of things (IoT) movement.
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The Internet of Things Podcast presented by Fybr - Season 2



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Aug 15, 2018

Chris Matthieu is the President, CEO, and founder of Computes, Inc. (, the world's first decentralized and distributed mesh computing platform. Computes can harness the world’s idle (or wasted) CPUs & GPUs for businesses and the greater good eliminating the line between cloud and fog/edge computing delivering infinite computing everywhere. Prior to founding Computes, Inc., Chris was the Director of IoT Engineering for Citrix. In this role, he led technical decision-making for the company’s IoT solutions. Chris joined Citrix through the acquisition of Octoblu, a revolutionary real-time IoT platform, where he served as the co-founder and CTO. Octoblu connects things, systems, people and clouds to a global mesh network allowing users to automate and control design flows, processes and sensor data, and analyze/react to real-time events and messages as well as big data trends and anomalies. Prior to co-founding Octoblu, Chris was founder of Nodester, an open-source Node.JS PaaS which was acquired by AppFog and the founder of Teleku, a communications-as-a-service cloud platform which was acquired by Voxeo. Chris was also the founder of Digital Voice Technologies, the creator of the first VoiceXML-powered voice browser, which was acquired by Ideas & Associates. Chris holds a bachelor of science degree in Business and CIS from the Northern Arizona University.

Aug 1, 2018

Gabriel Halimi is CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies, Inc. The company was founded in 2015, and their flagship product is a smart plumbing system that provides monitoring and security for residential and commercial water systems. They use a combination of hardware, software, and support services to prevent water damage through remote and automatic water shutoff, proactive maintenance alerts, leak identification, and daily maintenance tests. Prior to launching Flo Technologies, Gabe served as a Principal with Assessment Consulting group, a Partner with Raines Feldman LLP, and Vice President of Corporate Operations for Umami Restaurant Group, LLC. In addition to law and entrepreneurship, Gabe also has deep interests in philanthropy. He served as the Executive Vice President and a Founding Board Member for the Society of Young Philanthropists based in Beverly Hills, California, and he was also the Corporate Secretary and a Board Member for Moishe House. Gabe holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as a J.D. Law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. You can learn more about Flo Technologies by visiting